About the author

Joanna Pilkowska – I was born in 1982 in Warsaw.

By education I am a landscape architect and an English philologist. I have been painting anywhere and everywhere for as long as I can remember. I draw inspiration from absolutely everything that surrounds us from nature, architecture, everyday themes in the world to fairy tales and abstraction. Architectural studies have certainly influenced endless inspiration from urban planning and natural spaces. In my art I strive for a compromise between harmony and imagination. My paintings are filled with colors which create vibrant stories that can change any interior. Their distinctive texture and intense color palette is like a box of crayons. I mainly create with oil paints on linen canvases.

Themes which I choose from for my series ‘The Baby Art’ refer to wonderlands, fairy tales, children’s dreams and fantasies. Friendly animals, fairy tale characters, fun vehicles, colorful cottages in magical lands stimulate the imagination and creativity of the small co-creator who helps in creating the painting.

Images from the series ‘The Baby Art’ are a unique souvenir, because they remind us about the first moments in the life of a small child and can last for a lifetime. Each image is made with the particular child in mind and therefore is absolutely unique.



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