About the author

Joanna Pilkowska – born in 1982 in Warsaw.

A landscape architect, philologist and a graduate of the Department of Painting and Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Architectural studies certainly had an impact on endless inspirations with urban forms and natural spaces.

In her art, he strives for a compromise between harmony and imagination. Exploring something more than just a conventional space record she modifies the form and color of reality to reflect the characteristic individual expression. In her paintings we will find a large dose of stories about the most beautiful period of the year. The captivating stories enclosed in the canvas are part of a warm summer landscape. Rest, sun, the scent of flowers at night, no worries. In her optimistic works, she moves the viewer into sentimental memories and carefree of the summer journey. Creates mainly with the use of oil paints on canvas stretchers. The artist’s works can be found in private collections throughout the country (Poland), abroad and as a stage set in TV shows and programs.